Drepung Gomang Sacred Arts Tour

Drepung Gomang Sacred Arts Tour

May 12-19, 2020 Cancelled

The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum is pleased to host The Drepung Gomang Sacred Arts Tour of refugee monks and members of Drepung Gomang Monastery, a Tibetan monastery in Karnataka State, south India. Visitors to the museum can experience a cultural pageant and watch as the monks build a World Peace Sand mandala.

CULTURAL PAGEANT: 45 minutes – 1 hour

During the evening Cultural Pageant, visitors can experience ancient Tibetan cultural rituals including the snow lion dance, Good luck dance, Monk dance, sacred chants, prayers and monastic debate bringing authentic Tibetan traditions to life. More information and date of the pageant will be available soon.

World Peach Mandala

SAND MANDALA: 4 – 6 days construction

The Mandala purifies the creator from past negative deeds and that viewers will recover from physical sickness and mental problems. Mandalas are also believed to generate compassion in the viewer’s heart and lay a foundation of constrictive karmic imprints. Also, the nation and the place where the Mandala is created will have timely rainfall, prosperity and peace.

The Drepung Gomang monks are renowned for the Sacred Art of Sand Mandala Construction. The event includes opening ceremonies, informal conversation and socializing as the mandala is created and formal closing ceremonies. Closing ceremonies include prayers, chanting, deconstruction of the mandala and sharing the blessed sand. The monks will construct the following Sand Mandala:

World Peace Mandala: Universal brother and sisterhood, harmony and peace in this world

Download Biographies of the Visiting Monks